blue sky, white clouds, hills of brown in Mongolia
Mongolian Steppe PC: Elizabeth Schap

It had been hours since the van had stopped and dropped us off to yet another remote part of the Mongolian steppe. Actually, saying another remote part is a bit of a redundancy: all of Mongolia is remote. This is a land that I had never been immersed in, through…

Why it’s important to make the effort to get each person’s right.

black square with words in white that say Your Name Here with a white line after.
graphic: Elizabeth Schap

During my teaching career, I have come across many names I did not know how to pronounce. I never guess how to pronounce a name because I will guess wrong. A stumbled attempt is fine with scientific names for plants or animals. A misspoken dinosaur name is not a huge…

Elizabeth M Schap

Traveler, rebel, science nerd, educator, writer. I write what I want — Don’t box me in.

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