blue sky, white clouds, hills of brown in Mongolia
Mongolian Steppe PC: Elizabeth Schap

It had been hours since the van had stopped and dropped us off to yet another remote part of the Mongolian steppe. Actually, saying another remote part is a bit of a redundancy: all of Mongolia is remote. This is a land that I had never been immersed in, through…

Why it’s important to make the effort to get each person’s right.

black square with words in white that say Your Name Here with a white line after.
graphic: Elizabeth Schap

During my teaching career, I have come across many names I did not know how to pronounce. I never guess how to pronounce a name because I will guess wrong. A stumbled attempt is fine with scientific names for plants or animals. A misspoken dinosaur name is not a huge…

Being a mother isn’t easy in the United States, and it starts in the when the stick turns colors.

Years ago, when my sister gave birth to her first child there were complications. Her second child’s birth was more of the same. Luckily everyone was healthy and fine in the…

Elizabeth M Schap

Traveler, rebel, science nerd, educator, writer. I write what I want — Don’t box me in.

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